Brand Ambassador Program

The Send2Share Brand Ambassador Program opens up a world of possibilities for leaders in a Direct Sales / Network Marketing company to customize the experience for their organization as well as their company.

Brand Ambassadors have the ability to customize a presentation which will be used by any person who is referred by them or signs up for Send2Share for this specific company.

Brand Ambassadors also have the ability to load custom approaches or videos for specific niche markets into the Send Information section of Send2Share which can be used both on the web version as well as on the mobile app.

We are currently looking to partner up with a leader in your company, If you are this leader or know someone who would be a perfect fit for the Brand Ambassador program we would like to speak to you!

We compensate both the brand Ambassadors as well the person who has referred the Brand Ambassador to us.

Book a call to speak to a Send2Share representative about becoming or referring a brand ambassador below: